Jim Peebles shares Nobel Prize in Physics this week

Michelle Brekke of Boeing Crew Space Transportation serves as Grand Marshall of the University of Minnesota homecoming parade (University of Minnesota/GopherSports)


04 Oct 2019 – Jim Bridenstein visit to the University of North Dakota in September featured on Space.com

04 Oct 2019 – Michelle Brekke (Boeing CST) serves as Grand Marshall of University of Minnesota homecoming

07 Oct 2019 – Bennett Bartel (Carthage College) featured by WiSGC

08 Oct 2019 – Saskatchewan engineer Doug Campbell ends 6 days underwater

08 Oct 2019 – Nobel Prize in Physics awarded jointly to Manitoba-born James Peebles OM, the originator of modern physical cosmology, elucidating topics like the Cosmic Microwave Background, the kinematics of galaxies, and the expansion of the universe, and to Swiss astrophysicists Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, for the discovery of exoplanet 51 Pegasi b in October 1995, using the ELODIE spectrograph on the 1.93m telescope at the Haute-Provence Observatory.

09 Oct 2019 – Breanna Keith (Bemidji State) featured by MnSGC

09 Oct 2019 – University of Minnesota’s SmallSat program (SOCRATES, EXACT) featured by MnSGC
SOCRATES will orbit on 2 Nov 2019 with Cygnus NG-12


The Gaofen-10 Earth observation satellite launches from Taiyuan on a Long March 4C rocket, 4 October 2019 1850 UT (Weibo)

04 Oct 2019 1850 – Taiyuan CZ-4C launch
Gaofen-10 Earth observation satellite

06 Oct 2019 – EVA214 – P6 battery swap

08 Oct 2019 1017 – Baikonur Proton-M launch:
Northrop Grumman MEV-1 on-orbit service drone,
Eutelsat 5 West B commsat

A Proton-M rocket launches from Baikonur 08 October 2019 1017 UT, with Eutelsat 5 West B commsat and the MEV-1 mission extension robot aboard (Credit: Roscosmos)


04 Oct 2019 – Blue Origin will not fly passengers until 2020

06 Oct 2019 – ESA in talks to put a European astronaut on third flight of the Orion capsule, Worner says in interview with nasaspaceflight.com

07 Oct 2019 ~ 20 new moons of Saturn announced

10 Oct 2019 – Bridenstein-Musk summit: Crew Dragon DM-2 postponed to Q1 2020

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