DM-2 astronauts settle in for as long as possible

ISS Expedition 63 Commander Chris Cassidy joins the DM-2 crew for a Q&A with SpaceX engineers 01 Jun 2020. Astronaut Doug Hurley holds the flag left by STS-135 crew for the makers of the next spacecraft – to be delivered to SpaceX on landing. Bob Behnken shows off a mosaic SpaceX created from photos submitted by graduating students of the Class of 2020.

Since their vessel docked with the ISS at 1416 UT 31 May 2020, Crew Dragon DM-2 astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have spoken with dignitaries and well-wishers of all kinds. The latest residents of the world’s longest-serving space station rounded out the press blitz today with an on-orbit news conference with space journalists, followed by a Q&A session from SpaceX engineers.

Doug Hurley provided clear details of the astronauts’ experience of inflight vibration and acceleration, especially during the flight of the second stage, while Bob Behnken dipped into Dragonship Endeavour to show off its zero-g indicating dinosaur alongside DM-1’s plush globe, as they hoped to pass on a hopeful message to the next generation of dreamers and explorers.

The DM-2 now gets to tackle the work ahead of them. Among the many items to do? Stow the ISS cargo that was moved out of the way before their arrival, set up the Crew Dragon to be used as a lifeboat, and unload JAXA’s HTV-9, whose shipment includes new batteries for the space station.

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