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Case counts are stabilizing. States are vaccinating remaining Phase 1 essential workers and preparing for mass vaccinations of all adults by 1 May. Provinces are vaccinating elderly people and moving to single-shot administration of all vaccines to accelerate distribution.

Care must still be taken to prevent a late surge. You can help yourself and the people around you. Masks, hand sanitizer, and other PPE like gloves and face shields work. If you can avoid or delay a trip or errand, then do so.

This is a list of official websites with information on COVID-19 coronavirus in the region.

Alberta: 50+/64+
Alberta Health Services
Alberta COVID-19 vaccine distribution

North Dakota: 1C
North Dakota Department of Health
North Dakota COVID Vaccine Locator

South Dakota: 1D
South Dakota Department of Health
South Dakota Coronavirus Vaccine Information

Iowa: 1B
Iowa COVID-19 information
Iowa COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Manitoba: 60+/80+, or 30+/50+ with health condition
Shared health / Soins communs

Michigan: 1B/1C
Michigan COVID-19 information
Michigan COVID-19 Vaccine

Minnesota: 1B
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine

Montana: 1B+
Montana DPHHS
Montana COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

Nebraska: 1B
Nebraska DHHS
Nebraska Coronavirus portal
Nebraska COVID-19 vaccines – Finish Strong Nebraska
U Nebraska Medicine

Ontario: Phase 1
Government of Ontario
COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario
Northwestern Health Unit : 80+
Thunder Bay District Health Unit : 80+
Sudbury & Districts Health Unit : 80+

Saskatchewan: 76+
Saskatchewan Health Authority
Saskatchewan vaccine delivery

Wisconsin: 1C
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

Wyoming: 1B/1C
Wyoming Department of Health
Wyoming COVID-19 Vaccine Information

If you need other general information not specific to your area, Ars Technica has published an excellent series.

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