Fargo Orbit set to launch

We are happy to announce The Fargo Orbit, which will provide news on aerospace and scientific endeavours in central North America, from the Great Plains to Hudson’s Bay, from the Great Lakes to the Rockies, and beyond!

We are inspired by new frontiers in space and knowledge, and plan to share the latest events with the general public with clarity and exactitude. Together with the expert artists, businesspeople, educators, engineers, journalists, and scientists who are our peers and sources, we will provide a vital dialogue to advance the state of the arts and the boundaries of human existence.

We will maintain our honesty and editorial independence to the best of our abilities. We will put the truth first, not revenue or pageloads. Our supporters can expect to review on a regular basis, our full report of our operation.

The Fargo Orbit is published by Table Heavy Industries LLC in a special project for the public benefit.