Our sources of support

We are focused on journalism that meets the needs of our readers first. That’s why we intend to keep the hard work of our correspondents as the main source of support for this project.

Can I get Fargo Orbit to cover a story?

Submit story tips or pitches here. Articles should match our topical focus and geographical region.

Can I reprint or syndicate your photo or article?

Usually! It’s not automatic, though. Contact us to get formal permissions.

Can I order a print of an article or photo?

There is no fee for one greyscale print of an article that features your work. Multiple, framed, signed, or full colour prints are also available. Contact us.

Can I subscribe to Fargo Orbit?

The Fargo Orbit is on Patreon, and you may contact us for additional options.

Can I advertise with Fargo Orbit?

From time to time, print, event, and project sponsorships become available, so please contact us. The Fargo Orbit website is completely free to use and does not include sponsored content.