Hayabusa2 blasts Ryugu, SpaceX test fires Falcon Heavy

Blast on Ryugu! (JAXA)

Ryugu is a little bit smaller after a controlled explosion was set off on its upper limb this morning. Hayabusa2’s detachable camera DCAM3 captured the image while the larger probe was safely on the far side of the asteroid.

Falcon Heavy’s launch of ArabSat-6A slipped to “not earlier than” Tuesday 9 April, even as a successful static test concluded at the Kennedy Space Centre. Weather reports indicate a probable delay to Wednesday.

Not much to see at Boca Chica, 5 April 2019 (Credit: SPadre.com)

Meanwhile, at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas, the Starship “Hopper” testbed was obscured by fog as watchers waited for it to fire a second time after its dramatic 3 April lighting.

CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques spoke in French and English to FIRST Robotics students in Qu├ębec this afternoon, amid preparations for his first spacewalk scheduled for Monday morning alongside Anne McClain.

Also, yesterday SpaceIL’s Beresheet probe completed its insertion into lunar orbit. If you’d like to check its progress, there’s a nice website where you can view its current and historical trajectory, as it counts down a little more than 6 days to a lunar landing.

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