New Shepard completes NS-11 mission

The sky over Van Horn, Texas teemed with rocket exhaust after the 11th mission of the New Shepard suborbital rocket, 2 May 2019.

Launch occurred at 1332 UT. Capsule H. G. Wells separated from the New Shepard rocket at 74 km and continued to an apogee of about 105.5 km, 245 seconds into flight. The entire flight, including successful rocket landing and parachute descent of Wells, took a little more than ten minutes.

The reusable system continues to demonstrate its reliability; the individual rocket booster used today has flown five times, the capsule four times. Blue Origin is now touting commercial passengers as a concrete reality by the end of this year. But crew has not yet flown on the New Shepard. Instead, NS-11 carried 38 scientific experiments and art demonstrations, including at least one high school mission, several from MIT, and a headline medical payload that improves on previous research flown on New Shepard.

Author: Fargo Orbit

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