PSLV-C46 delivers RISAT-2B to orbit

RISAT-2B departs Sriharikota on an ISRO Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, 22 May 2019.

India launched a radar satellite from Sriharikota on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, 0000UT 22 May 2019.

RISAT-2B is a synthetic aperture radar earth observation satellite, which will assist India with geological, hydrographical, and other earth observation needs. The main radio will operate in the X-band, and is based on the Israeli TECSAR series of electronic beam-steering radarsats; TECSAR-1 was also launched on a PSLV, in 2008.

The 615 kg payload will orbit at 555 km and an inclination of 37 degrees. RISAT-2B was successfully inserted at 001530 UT.

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