Soyuz and Delta close out the week

A first and a last just today – at 0338 UT on 22 August, the Soyuz-2.1a rocket was tested sending up a Soyuz capsule along with a new launch escape system. For safety reasons, Soyuz MS-14 sent no crew except FEDOR the robot, a human-piloted haptic android equally capable of gingerly holding a pop can or squeezing off a round at the gun range.

Soyuz MS-14 launch, Baikonur, 22 Aug 2019 0338 UT (Credit: Roscosmos)

Delta IV Medium saw its last mission – a GPS satellite – going up at 1306 UT. This rounds out the D4M program, though D4H has several more launches even as the United Launch Alliance moves toward its newer Vulcan rocket.

Delta 4 Medium flies from Cape Canaveral, 22 Aug 2019 1306 UT (Credit: ULA)

Earlier in the week, there were three more launches:

17 Aug 2019 0411 – Jiuquan Smart Dragon 1 (first launch!)
18 Aug 2019 1203 – Xichang LM3B (satellite deployment failure)
18 Aug 2019 1212 – Māhia Electron

Further News

16 Aug – The Canadian Space Agency requested research proposals for extra time on NEOSat.

19 Aug – An Australian joint venture between Myriota and Optus will enter the megaconstellation fray with tiny satellites and tiny data plans.

20 Aug – The United States National Space Council held a session.

21 Aug – EVA218 and NEEMO NXT spacewalks at the ISS and under the sea

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