Soyuz swaps and Mars rovers in the shop, during a suborbital week

Another week without an orbital launch, though it was not without notable space events, as early Tuesday, the space station received the cargo-laden Soyuz MS-14 capsule following a dramatic docking port swap for Soyuz MS-13.

On Monday, the same three astronauts that rode up in MS-13 piled back into the vessel and flew it around the ISS, to ensure MS-14’s robotic docking system could target the perfectly functioning KURS beacon at the end of the Zvezda module. Though the blinky autodock on Poisk had foiled FEDOR the Robot, the humans had no trouble docking manually.

Spaceflight events

26 Aug 2019 0335 UT: Soyuz MS-13 loops around ISS, returns at 0359 (Skvortsov, Parmitano, Morgan aboard)

27 Aug 2019 0308 UT: Soyuz MS-14 docks with ISS on second try

27 Aug 2019 1459 UT: CRS-18 leaves ISS, splashes down in Pacific

27 Aug 2019 2201 UT: Boca Chica Starship 150m test flight

Further news

23 Aug 2019 – Radio astronomy concerns over OneWeb constellation, SpaceNews reports

23 Aug 2019: Deep Space Atomic Clock brought online

23 Aug 2019 – NASA, INPE satellite data shows a record number of fires in the Amazon rainforest

26 Aug 2019: Koch speaks from ISS on Women’s Equality Day

27 Aug 2019 – ESA ExoMars rover assembly completed in UK, moving to France for tests

28 Aug 2019: JWST assembly hits milestone

28 Aug 2019: Helicopter installed on NASA’s next Mars rover

28 Aug 2019: Midwest Express flies again

28 Aug 2019: ESA announces GAIA probe has discovered string patterns in stellar births in the Milky Way galaxy

29 Aug 2019: US Space Command ceremony at White House

29 Aug 2019: Cape Canaveral prepares for Hurricane Dorian,
NASA TV features ISS observations

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