ESA livestreams special event to lift spirits

Astronaut Alexander Gerst participates in the German segment of #SpaceConnectsUs, a 5-language livestream held by ESA, 26 March 2020. ESA held the entirely remote event amid the COVID-19 outbreak. (ESA)

ESA WebTV streamed #SpaceConnectsUs, a space-themed livestream event 26 March 2020. The event featured segments in five languages, Dutch, German, Italian, French, and English. The goal is to bring people together, despite the isolation resulting from pandemic COVID-19.

ESA Astronaut Samantha Christoforetti co-hosts the Italian segment of #SpaceConnectsUs (ESA)

In many languages, the event was a cozy 40-minute chat between a few featured speakers; a brief technical glitch during the French session notwithstanding, the conversations were both diverting and inspiring. Apart from the inspiration of working in and around space, each of the astronauts shared their unique expertise on staying active and productive despite isolation and cramped living quarters. Scientists and moderators provided additional commentary.

The English-language segment, on the other hand, was a free-wheeling 90-minute affair with not just space experts, but also singers and actors, each with a unique perspective on the shared challenge humanity is meeting together, with the help of science, technology, and the artists inspired by them.

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