Starship user guide drops in suborbital week

Payload bay dimensions, from Starship User Guide 1.0 (SpaceX)

COVID-19 Science
27 Mar 2020 New York tests survivor antibody treatment
30 Mar 2020 IEEE releases COVID related science journal papers at no charge
30 Mar 2020 Early work on new COVID jabs in Alberta, MB does cytology
30 Mar 2020 U Minnesota / Mayo Clinic antibody test can verify COVID recovery
1 Apr 2020 More on Edmonton’s Entos Pharmaceuticals COVID vaccine work

Regional News
27 Mar 2020 Space junk story featured by WiSGC
28 Mar 2020 Billings makers fight COVID
29 Mar 2020 Manitoba scientists add their equipment to COVID response
30 Mar 2020 Alberta regulators cautious on licencing student nurses as health aides
30 Mar 2020 Nunavut enforces strict preflight quarantines in Winnipeg
31 Mar 2020 34 year old dead of COVID in Northern Alberta
31 Mar 2020 Ralph Goodale appointed to lead Canada effort on PS752
31 Mar 2020 During COVID 150000 MN homes still can’t get broadband
31 Mar 2020 Haochi Zheng at Earth System Science and Policy featured by U North Dakota
1 Apr 2020 Montana, Alberta feel Idaho earthquake

Further News
26 Mar 2020 MDA gets 190 M$ CAD for ISS support work
27 Mar 2020 SpaceX Starship SN3 stacked up for tests (video)
27 Mar 2020 NASA wants Orion exploration motor
27 Mar 2020 Don’t fear China on Moon
27 Mar 2020 OneWeb is bankrupt after SoftBank pulls the plug
30 Mar 2020 Lunar Gateway will happen after Artemis
30 Mar 2020 Testing NASA’s Mars Helicopter
30 Mar 2020 China’s new craft can dock at ISS, politics may prevent that
30 Mar 2020 ISRO shuts down to make COVID equipment
30 Mar 2020 Orion readied at KSC
30 Mar 2020 Virgin Orbit builds ventilators
30 Mar 2020 Solar array source of Venezuelan commsat failure
30 Mar 2020 Strategists concerned about ASAT proliferation
30 Mar 2020 Sochi Noguchi, Shannon Walker to fly on Crew Dragon USCV-1
30 Mar 2020 Starship user guide: supports 100 t of cargo in 680 m3
30 Mar 2020 SunRISE constellation selected for award, will study Sun
31 Mar 2020 NASA provides stay-at-home space content
31 Mar 2020 Orbit Fab company will study satellite refuelling
31 Mar 2020 Air Force moves further 1840 people in 5 states to Space Force
1 Apr 2020 JWST mirror deployment test
1 Apr 2020 Space data fights locusts in Africa
1 Apr 2020 NASA COVID fund will approve grants 10 days after proposal
1 Apr 2020 Firefly details Beresheet-based lunar lander
2 Apr 2020 Perseverance rover steams ahead
2 Apr 2020 UKSA calls for Mars Sample teams by end of this month
2 Apr 2020 12000 apply to NASA Astronaut Corps
2 Apr 2020 US space agency brings back NΛSΛ worm logo for crewed flights

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