Women in space on August 18

18 August 2020 is the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Here is a list of women who have previously celebrated the 18th of August in orbit:

Jan DavisNASASTS-85
Shannon LucidNASAMir EO-21
Claudie HaigneréCNESSoyuz TM-24
Susan HelmsNASAISS Expedition 2
Tracy Caldwell DysonNASAISS Expedition 24
Shannon WalkerNASAISS Expedition 24
Sunita WilliamsNASAISS Expedition 32
Karen NybergNASAISS Expedition 36
Kathleen RubinsNASAISS Expedition 48
Peggy WhitsonNASAISS Expedition 52
Christina KochNASAISS Expedition 60

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