Atlas 5 flies AEHF-5 to end the week

The United Launch Alliance carried the AEHF-5 commsat to GTO with an Atlas 5 launch 08 Aug 2019 1013 UT. The launch was briefly delayed for 0944 due to a thrust vectoring concern with the RD-180 main engine.

The news for 29 Jul – 08 Aug 2019:

Space Launches

30 Jul 2019 0556UT Plesetsk Soyuz-2 Meridian-M 18L

31 Jul 1210UT Baikonur Soyuz-2 Progress MS-12
Record time for ISS rendezvous – 03h19m !

01 Aug Yemen conflict – Burkhan ballistic missile reached space

05 Aug 2156UT Baikonur Proton-M Blagovest-14L

06 Aug 1930UT Kourou Ariane 5 Intelsat 39 + EDRS-C

06 Aug 2323UT Cape Canaveral Falcon 9 AMOS-17

08 Aug 1013UT Cape Canaveral Atlas 5 AEHF-5

Further News

29 Jul 2019 1432UT Progress MS-11 reentry

29 Jul OrbitBeyond cancels moon mission; had finance and supply chain problems

30 Jul NASA issues $2.8 billion RFP for new round of commerical moon missions

30 Jul NASA announces 19 Artemis program technology projects

30 Jul $382 million loss of Intelsat 29E caused by static discharge or micrometeoroid

31 Jul University of North Dakota spacesuit material featured in Wired to Wear exhibit at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

01 Aug GOES-17 cooling problem limits uptime to 97%; misses 99.93% goal for a $3 million mishap.

02 Aug Trenten Smith of UW-La Crosse awarded Research Fellowship from Wisconsin Space Grant

03 Aug TESS exoplanet survey passes midway point

05 Aug Canadian aerospace engineer Bruce Aikenhead OC AFCASI P.Eng dies age 95

05 Aug University of Iowa’s HaloSat gets mission extension

06 Aug Rocket Lab developing helicopter recovery of Electron first stage

06 Aug 1615UT Cygnus NG-11 SS Roger Chaffee unberths from ISS for extended mission

07 Aug Documentary film Thomas Pesquet – L’étoffe d’un héros premieres in France

08 Aug Skyrora announces test flight performed 10 Jul 2019; apogee 5.8 km

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