ESA double feature at space-themed Stockholm Culture Festival

Col. Luca Parmitano speaks to the Stockholm Culture Festival, 13 Aug 2019 (Credit: ESA via NASA TV)

ESA brought Expedition 60 Astronaut Luca Parmitano down to Earth for a spell, to visit with the Stockholm Culture Festival 13 August 2019.

Though bald, a curious audience member asked how astronauts wash their hair. Luca shared a laugh with the crowd, and cited the experience of fellow astronauts like Karen Nyberg, the Minnesotan who served with Parmitano on Expedition 36/37 in 2013.

Speaking specifically about culture, Parmitano talked about sharing food, stories, music, and movies with fellow astronauts, but concluded, “In the end, when you talk about culture, culture is knowledge, and we on the Space Station, we create knowledge. Our job is to do science, we perform up to 120 hours of science in a week. We’ve all kinds of experiments – human experiments, physiology, biology, physics, engineering – and that is all going down for the benefit of Earth, and what more culture could you expect than that?”

Also at the 2019 Stockholm Culture Festival, ESA featured an orchestral-multimedia event, a collaboration between composer Ilan Eshker and astronaut Tim Peake, called Space Station Earth.

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