Virgin Galactic up, Vector down in launchless week

No space launches this week, though Vector Launch suddenly shut down, and Virgin Galactic flew VSS Eve 12 August 2019 to participate in a media event 15 August at Spaceport America, as operations ramp up to punch the first of around 600 prepaid tickets within the next several months.

9 Aug 2019 Vector Launch locks out 150 engineers and staff, boots CEO, new $3.4M contract in doubt

12 Aug ExoMars probe may be delayed due to parachute problems, rover segment still on schedule

12 Aug OSIRIS-REx team names four areas suitable for sample collection after Egyptian birds

12 Aug China’s LinkSpace enters reusable rocketry race with hop test

12 Aug Wisconsin Space Grant launched a StratoStar Balloon mission

13 Aug European Space Agency featured at Stockholm Culture Festival

14 Aug Major science-on-ISS organization to be audited

14 Aug Nova Scotia spaceport proposal still drawing public concern over hydrazine hazard

14 Aug Astrophysicist José Flores dead at 23

15 Aug 29th Annual Space Conference at University of Wisconsin Platteville

15 Aug NASA announces new interplanetary lasercomm and solar sail demonstration missions

15 Aug Soon-to-be-busy Virgin Galactic facility at Spaceport America holds Open House

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