Big day for Japan in space

H2B launches from Tanegashima with the Kounotori 8 HTV, 24 Sep 2019 (JAXA)

Following checkouts and renewed focus on pad safety, Kounotori 8 launched from Tanegashima at 24 Sep 2019 1605 UT; the cargo module will arrive at the ISS on Saturday.

Bridenstein speaks to members of the Diet, 24 Sep 2019 1900 UT.

Just hours after the launch, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine spoke to members of the Diet to encourage support for the Lunar Gateway space station project, with special emphasis on Japan’s proven ability to contribute to space exploration through today’s cargo launch as well as the ISS Kibo module and the Hayabusa 2 asteroid probe.

Bridenstein also touted the “open architecture” of the Lunar Gateway, Gateway specifications for docking, life support, avionics, environmental control, data, and communications will be published online, allowing applications to be developed for the gateway or the lunar surface.

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