First Emirati, Swedish Woman in Space in busy week


20 Sep: Josh Nelson (University of Minnesota Twin Cities) featured by Minnesota Space Grant

23 Sep: Sam Jaeger (University of Wisconsin Madison) featured by Wisconsin Space Grant

24 Sep: Dr. Keith Stein (Bethel University) featured by Minnesota Space Grant

24 Sep: Minnesota Space Grant commences 2020 High Power Rocket competition with conference call
A rain day has been specifically declared; the 2019 competition was rained out.


CZ-3B launch from Xichang with two Beidou navigation satellites, 22 Sep 2019 2110 UT (Credit: Weibo via @LaunchStuff)

22 Sep 2019 2110 UT Xichang CZ-3B Beidou
Two navigation satellites

24 Sep 2019 1605 UT Tanegashima H-2B Kounotori 8
Cargo mission to the International Space Station

CZ-2D launch from Jiuquan, 25 Sep 2019 0054 UT, with Yunhai-1-02 ionosphere experiment (Credit: Weibo via Rocket Rundown on YouTube)

25 Sep 2019 0054 UT Jiuquan CZ2D Yunhai-1-02

Soyuz MS-15 launches from Baikonur, 25 Sep 2019 1357 UT (Credit: Roscosmos)

25 Sep 2019 1357 UT Soyuz-FG Soyuz MS-15
Crew: Jessica Meir of NASA (American, Swedish) Hazza Al Mansouri of the MBRSC (Emirati), Oleg Skripochka of Roscosmos (Russian)
Spaceflight firsts: First Emirati in space, first Swedish woman in space
Spaceflight lasts: Final flight of Soyuz-FG rocket

Soyuz-2.1b launch from Plesetsk 26 Sep 2019 0746 UT with EKS-3 military satellite. (Credit: ROSCOSMOS / VKS via YouTube SciNews)

26 Sep 2019 0746 UT Plesetsk Soyuz-2.1b EKS-3
EKS-3 is part of the Russian military’s missile launch detection system. It uses a Molniya orbit.


21 Sep 2019: Sigmund Jähn, first German in space, dead at 82

21 Sep 2019: NASA, Australian Space Agency sign cooperation agreement

23 Sep 2019: Six Orion capsules to be built for 4.6+ G$

24 Sep 2019: Redstone Arsenal space library to close

24 Sep 2019: Virgin Orbit readies LauncherOne at Mojave Spaceport for mid-fall launch

25 Sep 2019: Bridenstein presents Artemis and Lunar Gateway details to Japanese Diet

25 Sep 2019: ESA, CSA simulate lunar mission with controllers in Darmstadt, rover in Montréal

26 Sep 2019: Hype intensifies for Saturday SpaceX Starship Presser

26 Sep 2019: ESA to allow commercial access to ISS Kubik bioscience facility

26 Sep 2019: AIAC hosts Canadian election town hall on aerospace policy in Montréal

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